Gmail app update sucks

There as recently been a load of updates put out by google for their various apps in preparation for or to get people used to, Android L. I have really liked most of them, nice clean look although the colour scheme seems to be somewhat bland, this I presume is to not distract the user from the content they want to look at. However, the new Gmail app not only has a horrible new look but one or two new features that suck to the extreme.

I am off course talking about the additional feature to add other accounts, nothing wrong with that as some people will like it and make use of. What as prompted me to rant and write is because there is no choice in the addition of other accounts. I found that they were just added with no consent of the user/owner of the device. It really sucks that the user who decides and wants to keep everything separate has no choice! I have decided therefore not to use the app on my tablet on which I updated and not to install the update on my phone.

I will hopefully find a solution to fix this and write an update when I find the solution on how to stop the app from adding other email accounts without my consent.

The good news however is that I have managed to get an invite to googles inbox which I already consider far better than the actual gmail app ever was.



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