Thoughts on the Internet And How it Will Influence My New System

You may have noticed my lack of posting recently, this is because I have been very busy with work and other things to even think about stuff I enjoy. However, recent events, both personal and otherwise have had me thinking off the way the internet has become grossly abused and how to combat that and make it work how I think it should be.
Forgive me if I am wrong but recent revelations concerning security are quite frankly not surprising. To some, yes but not to me. If the corporations governments and other slightly smaller companies,etc can track and read what you do on the ‘net, then so can other big players. To me the internet should be a place of play, learning and keeping in touch in Privacy if you so want. I don’t do facebook and all the other social networks. It just doesn’t do anything for me. Oh, I wish they would ban facebook login for other sites. I’m sure its not just me withdrawing use of the internet for a lot of things recently. A lot of sites seem to have slowed down. The only thing that I keep an eye on is tech stuff….this still seems going from strength to strength. Which brings me to…..

……I have seen some tech stuff recently that as got my interest and some of which (the best stuff with potential) will be incorporated into my new system which I plan to start building come October. I have previously said about building a new desktop, I miss having one so for for me the desktop isn’t dead, its a live and well but needs to be brought in to the 21st century. I’m not convinced by touch screens for desktops though. However, I am convinced and interested in things like touch motion and now Haptix which I only found out about yesterday. Given that its still a few months from completion because the new system is going to cost quite a bit Haptix may be around to try. However, it may be a case where I start with leap motion and go to Haptix as it isn’t in production yet.

The case and cooling system is already in my mind (custom case and water cooling), as well as deciding 8gb ROM and two hard drives, one for the OS and one for my personal files (music, pictures, etc). The OS will of course be linux but I will be heavily modifying with what I go with so it suits me. It will, for the first time because I now see the need, be encrypted. I didn’t see the point before because there is a firewall in the router and one on the computer but I now think that they aren’t as good as claimed so it encryption. The same for emails…encryption, an email should be private! Other things will be incorporated as I go. Instructions will be posted as I do the build for those interested.

I have also been having big trouble with my phone becoming unreliable, its a pain but nicely timed because my phone will be replaced with a new up to date one, I’m currently thinking Nexus 4  from google, not for updates but because it half the price than from my carrier and also its unlocked, all phones should be unlocked from carriers as it has more use than when not. Actually, I’m starting to think that phones shouldn’t be part of a contract, people should have to buy them and then get a contract to go with them! Once the new phone is in my hands, it will become part of my ‘collective system’, and will likely be rooted and be heavily customized to suit my needs.

Watch this space as they say, I hope the build of the machine and the system as a whole will be researched and documented so others can find the information useful to build a secure system that suits their own needs. I would like to point out that my system will likely be different from yours as my needs may be different but will hopefully provide information that can be built upon.

Well, thats it, some ranting, some opinion and some plans…