Not a Swift Smart Move!

Right! A rant…

This week we saw the news that Microsoft had gone and bought Swiftkey, in my view the best keyboard for Android. I have been using Swiftkey for a while, beginning in the old days when they charged you. As in I paid them literately a week before they when free. When it was first announced I got the new snazy version,neural with the IA which had a lot promise but no updates were forth coming.

Then last week they go and sell out to the Microsoft scum! I am not at all happy about this due to my total mistrust of the Micro$oft lot. I am hoping that Swiftkey can continue moving forward as they have been but I will no longer be seeing what they get up to.


I have decided that I will take a stand and not use this keyboard for a number of reasons. The first is obvious if you have read previous posts. I simply don’t trust Microsoft, from the side lines I have been watching what they get up to and I really don’t like it. I fear that my personnal data will be up loaded via the keyboard, remember, what you type in goes up the line to Swiftkeys servers to make the typing better which is does but with the larger company involved I don’t feel at all happy. I am also concerned that Swiftkey itself will be badly affected as it gets added to Microsoft products (which is why they bought it) and the end result may well not be pretty (look at skype, nokia, etc). I strongly believe that that this is a very bad idea.

So SwiftKey, best off luck with your new overlords because I and many others won’t be there to help you!

Oh! by the way…I want my money back!



You Call That a Smart TV?

I have had a bit of fun recently with my mind going on overdrive. Spread over the past couple of months I have had a couple of visits to the ‘toy shop’ (Maplins). Around mid December I decided to go a head and go for the home server but this as seen some side benefits. The first was the much thought ‘that would be nice’ network cable sort out so a multi cable box came home with me.

I spent most of one day a couple of weekends ago getting my cables more organized and finished by setting up a small network or should that be a called something else? What it basically is, is that a I have one ethanet cable coming into the room and I needed more. One for the Roku,  one for the TV and one for the home server. When I tested it all worked fine,  my Samsung TV hadn’t been connected for close to a year so the expected update took place and the Internet interface got updated as well. Close to 30 apps,  most of which were of no use or interest to me so I wasted half an hour uninstalling things. If this so called smart TV was smart it wouldn’t have installed them in the first place. What I was left with wasn’t much different from the Roku and what I essentially got was Samsung sponsored junk. More I think about it the more I want another Raspberry pi  for a home media centre along the lines of Kodi. Let’s look on the bright side,  I can now control my TV with my Pebble watch! I am strongly suspecting that much newer smart TV’s are better than this but at least Kodi would let me have more control what apps are downloaded.