Emusic launches a new downloader but not for linux!

A few days ago I paid a visit to emusic.com to check for any new music and found something I liked but shock, horror…..a message telling me to upgrade to a  new download manager. As is usually the case, there is only a release for Windows and iOS. It really gets to me that something cann’t be released for all OS’s at the same time. When you check the message board and see just what proportion of linux users there are that it affects with their replies you do ask yourself just how many people or in this case, customers, are put out. However, I did notice one post stating that a linux version was being worked on. But why oh why cann’t they just release for everyone at the same time? The reason for the new release of the downloader is better syncing with iTunes and Winamp but excuse me….these pieces of software don’t work on linux (unless you can work magic with wine), so it shouldn’t be that hard.
There are also a post or two saying that they can still use the old emusic offical linux dowmloader and emusicj but I couldn’t get past the pesky upgrade message.

My post on the board did produce an email response, the people at emusic have always been helpful in pleasing the customer in my experience. A solution was given although not perfect but it allows the linux user to continue to download music till the real thing is released.

The solution sent to me was that when the message came up telling me to upgrade to click this link,


Then continue as before. Granted not perfect but a solution was thought of and prepared and help given so hopefully we will see the linux upgrade soon.

UPDATE- Emusic have now changed the message which says to download their new downloader to include a button to press if you want to continue using the application that you have installed. I have a feeling there may be problems with the new one.

Update. The message which was written about in the last update as now gone but the link to make the earlier downloaded still works. The link actually activates a cookie to make the your current downloaded work. The popup actually says about you browser being Google chrome even when your using Firefox. They have also just released a Linux download but I am currently having problems with it and in communication with eMusic about this. The past week as seen changes again due to them starting a new thing which allows non members to buy music thus affecting other aspects of the site. I am currently thinking that if the downloaded doesn’t work I am going else where!

Further date….the problem is now fixed. First, download emusic download 6 from here…


Unpack in the usual way, go to the folder and click on emusic-dlm. It should then start. To use it you need activate the cookie by clicking on this link…


So that you don’t have to keep clicking this link, bookmark it! When you first use it, a pop will appear asking what to open the file type with, go to the folder with the dlm and click on that. Also click the box that asks if you want to use that setting in the future.  Just use it when you go to emusic. The procedure after that is simple. I actually got a thanks for testing from emusic which made me happy and now hope others can benefit.

Another update. It appears that after some testing (actually, I forgot to change the downloader on my fedora machine), that the link is the key to being able to continue downloading. The downloader version doesn’t appear to matter!



Welcome to a relaunch.

Why the word relaunch?

This is the new location of my old blog ‘Adventures in linux’ which I have become some what unhappy with due to lack of feed back, being restricted in content via the title as well as one or two other reasons. I also have a better idea of what I want to do with it. I feel that wordpress.com is the way to with the relaunch as I have a feeling that I can do more with it.
I will touch on past subjects but more up to date as well as better researched.

I have a few article ideas planned from recent projects, the results will hopefully put the answers scattered across the ‘net into one place to save those hours of google fun!