Things must change.

I haven’t posted for a while and there is a reason. I have been feeling very low almost depressed for the past couple of months for a number of reasons. I think its due to a number of things but largely because I feel I have lost control and everything as stayed the same for too long. Well thats going to change. The first thing was that I had a holiday that I felt I was not going to be to control as much as I would like, its cancelled! The internet as become less interesting, this has been a slow process made faster after the recent hacking and security scandals. Its also being ruined by the likes of Amazon and google and others you seem to control what we see and can buy. I’m also getting fed up with brainwashed people on the internet you jump on you if you say anything against google chrome or chromium.
Google has plagued use with adverts for a long time and it seems to be getting worst with their targeted adverts. I really try and use my none google account but people seem to insist on emailing me on that account. I strongly object to my emails being scanned which is why I try and use the other email account. I stopped using chrome browser 18 months ago due to it becoming more and more bloated as well as googles control of the app store by removing apps such as ad blocker and others which it doesn’t like. I am never signed in to google when using the internet when using the internet due to the google scanning of web use to blast me with adverts.
Amazon have also being increasing their control, they don’t bother with an app with certain smart tv’s, they seem to want to only want you to use the expensive ones. I told them point blank I will not be using their streaming service. They also seem to be trying to persuade people not to buy proper books but have ebooks instead. Why? because they can control them if you don’t download the books to your computer and strip the DRM out. I did a test last month, I ordered two books from the SAME supplier within 10 minutes. One through Abebooks and one through amazon. The abebooks book arrived the day before I had an email from amazon saying that my order had been processed.

I have also been inclined to use the internet a lot less, possibly another reason for the lack of posting. There seems to be less interaction of the kind that encourages me to check things every day. I feel that Facebook and other so called social media is to blame. Real friends don’t need this junk, they use email, phones and text! I now know who my friends are and they’re not the ones I left on facebook well over a year ago.

So What can be done?

I have made suggestions with google but when it comes to Amazon, make your own mind up. I shopping through abebooks or other sources I can trust. I am also changing my music and TV habits and other tech use to suit ME and no one else. I detail these later but my systems will be modified and possibly software as well. I just have to find the information to do it.

Keep in touch with your friends using email and a Skype call will cheer them up no end. Keep off the social rubbish who are only out to make money out of you any way. The only way to be truly social is to spend physical time with them.



Time to Revise Passwords

Last month I posted what I could find out about the heartbleed problem, more of an excuse to find out about it for myself. At the time planned to write this but I got a little side tracked.
The result of the situation and something I said about was that there was the need to change passwords, so I took the opportunity to change them, even on sites not affected and really didn’t need to. I am still finding sites that I haven’t visited in sometime and I am taking the time to change those pass words simply because I think I need to. As the IT department at work remind us, passwords really need to be changed every now then ( not never but once in every few months). The way you choose your password is up to you but I tend to throw some of these 153 in and some of these efrTIJ in and also some of these {$< for good measure. I still cann’t believe people still use 12345 or password. I know there are pass word generators, etc but I really don’t think that its a good idea to store passwords on the pieces of software on the computer or any where else digitally for that matter.
While I was doing all this I found that websites were increasingly using two stage logins. Yes, I know its a pain but I can see the added security advantages off this so I strongly suggest that you use them. While your setting this second stage up it is worth setting exemptions up such as with google accounts as some apps or software such as thunderbird doesn’t allow for two stage logins. However, for two stage login you need your phone for a code to be texted to you. This is were there is one major problem with the idea, signal. If you are in an area with no or unreliable signal you may not get the code to complete the process. Some sites use captures as well, these can be even more of pain and I would like to see them gone if possible. I can see the advantages of these though in that they help weed out machines hunting to get into accounts but often I find that I find the letters to type unreadable!


The Fox Has Gone Wrong.

This past week has seen an update for Firefox. Oh goodie, well actually no. The appearance sucks. Come on Mozilla, why have you done this? I have read articles the past few weeks in which testers have been saying about the new design and how they hate it. So, why have they gone a head with the new look? I don’t know but they should have listened. I think part of the problem is that they wanted the desktop version to look like the mobile version but I think this is a really bad idea. Why? because it doesn’t have to be the case, there is more room on the desktop/laptop screen as well as there being more power, so it can be slightly different, it is also more functional than on mobile devices.
With this update Firefox is starting to look like chrome in some ways which is bad. Why? well I hate chrome but mainly becauseĀ  I think each browser needs to be different from others and I liked the old look but it did need slightly updating but what I am looking at is way over the top! Performance is fine it and it may grow on me butĀ  what choice is there? Chrome sucks, Opera is kind of OK but is to social network originated so I’m not really interested and other lesser ones just don’t cut the grade. Maybe its time for a new browser.

I’ll give it a week and see what happens.