Dissatisfaction with the internet…..

I don’t normally rant on the internet but I have reached the point that I feel the need. For the past two or three months I have become increasing dissatisfied with the internet for a number of reasons. The issue of tracking and other privacy, are a concern but not being able to use an internet that is off use is causing me dissatisfaction and grief and it shouldn’t be that way.

The first reason is that it has become slow and in respect of some websites (gmail/blogger slow or difficult to login into). Recently I have noticed problems with sending emails via thunderbird and gmail. It is for this reason that I moved my blogs to this site (wordpress.com) and my email to gmx.com. Both new sites have been a joy to use so far.

Second, facebook this, facebook that to login. I try and not login via facebook. I really don’t think that one website should have this much influence over the ‘net!

I have also noticed that some sites have been making changes that are not to the benefit of the user…emusic for one. They have been showing a lot of promise recently but all of a sudden the downloader becomes difficult to use again.Hence the constant updating to my post concerning the downloader. However, I have decided to cancel that site and others may follow.

More and more I am finding that the more that I develop my system using the machines that I have at home the more many services on the internet become unwanted because they just make my life difficult.

Therefore, 2013 is the year I take steps (along with others that I either mentioned or out lined in a previous post) to become independent of the corporation controlled internet and only use it for certain things like buying a new book or CD’s, etc. The reasons are many and varied but the concerns have come about because of varying reports in the media concerning certain large companies. I’ve also been thinking about the system that I use. More and more, I am finding that things aren’t quite right with one but certain features from another distro would make the system perfect. Or simply the latest version (mentioning no name..F18) was simply to buggy to use. Maybe I’m paranoid but I am starting to find ways to get what I want but I am also realising that a lot of research is required to reach my goal of a home system that allows me to use how I see fit not controlled by some one else.

Over the coming weeks I will describe how I do this giving ideas from collective sources to one subject such as music, ebooks and other areas off digital life. However, I would like to point out these will not be covering pirating as I firmly believe books and music should be paid for to support bands and authors.

UPDATE- After much emailing and testing the downloader problem with emusic as been solved. It is now much easier to use. It was found to be some what buggy but appears to be at the same stage as the old one and when installed right is quicker. Please see update on dedicated page.