This Weeks Updates

Well, I have had a busy week. First a family problem and work means there is little spare time. But I have managed to keep updates done.

First big update was the pebble app to version 2.7. With this you get new features including fitness, basically I tried it and found it pointless for every day use but I do find the compass app from the previous update useful in my day job. Since I started this post over a week ago, the compass app as been my second most used app.

This week saw updates for Awear, really good ones. The feature that I like best is the card showing Music Boss although the weather card seems to have a disappeared. It was after this update that I found I had a problem in the PowerApp setting. I am sure that it happened (a coincidence?) during the last update, possibly when I reinstalled or updated the app on the new phone. The blue tooth connection was not there for controlling the app from the watch. So I did some checking and found that the blue tooth settings were unchecked. These are the ones that allow control from head phones, etc which I don’t remember from before. The only ones I remember were to turn the auto start of the app when the head phones are plugged in ( a very bad idea!)

There has also been updates in Evernote, skype (there seems to be nothing new in skype but there is a new video messaging application based on skype but I really cann’t see the point of it) and a few others but not much more than bug fixes.

With the laptop, there has been new updates for firefox, thunderbird, etc but nothing really special as been noticed so its likely bug and security fixes. Why do they only find them after the app release? Yet again it is noticeable that my favourite music player as no update/new features, is Amorak still being developed? Apparently yes but there is a big bug that is blocking any release. Time for change I think.



Inspiration of the Oggcamp Kind

Last weekend was one that I had been looking forward to for a couple of months but I had been wondering if I would make both days. By chance I had pull out of training due to injury and to top that neither of the kids was over so I had the whole weekend to myself. Oggcamp is special, its informative as well as inspiring. I first went three years ago but never made the two in Liverpool. The tickets are free but you can donate (a good idea). One of the things I was inspired to do last time was to write a blog (this one but it was originally housed by the house of the goog). I decided the best thing was to write about my experiences and mostly my solutions, etc, etc.

So what about this time? Well, it was fantastic. I am now thinking seriously about two projects. The first is the openTRV project found at

This is basically a system that attaches to your radiators (gas) and regulates the temperature and is reported to save the user a lot of money. I spent sometime talking to the people involved and  as I very keen on the idea and principle behind this have contacted the company with the view to try the system out. I shall report the results of the trial.

The other thing that got my interest was something that I was thinking about after the last time but never got around to it. My own cloud, housed on my own server. Well, what happened the last time? easy, time and not sure about where to stick owncloud. Has anyone noticed how this isn’t fully addressed within the set up instructions, well I haven’t really noticed any detail about this. So after the talk I spoke to the bloke who did it and found that I could get a cheap home server for under a hundred quid and fit it with a big harddrive (re. music and pictures and other stuff). Why would I want this after not saying good stuff about the ‘cloud’. Simple, I want to be able access my files via a number of machines (phone, tablet, etc) without turning the laptop on. If I can get it done then possibly it could be on a private/home network only otherwise I would need a sack load of encryption.

I also learnt about musicbrainze which looks good and worth taking further. I also learnt other things but these are the projects for this winter sorted. After spending all weekend there thinking “I don’t know anyone here”, I found a work college was also there but only as we were walking out the door.

What was missing? The traditional freakyclown talk that’s what!

A big massive thank you to the organizers for the whole event.