Unable to boot Fedora 17 after Kernel update!

Every once in a while a small problem comes up after updates. For a long time I have not had this that was truly noticeable. My Fedora 17 machine for sometime as been perfect, always updated but today after not turning it on for a couple of days I found a Kernel update (version 3.7.3-101.fc17). After installing the update I typed reboot into the terminal as I always do. Started booting fine but then stalled/stopped at the screen with the fedora symbol.

I rebooted the computer and went back to the previous kernel and everything was fine. So some forum checking didn’t show much. A google search however did. I found the suggestion that the kmod have to match and this time around the kmod was not released at the same time as the kernel.

Details of post here – http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/fedora-35/unable-to-complete-boot-3-7-3-101-fc17-i686-4175447250/

So for now, until the release of the kmod that matches this kernel I suggest going back and using the previous kernel.

UPDATE- The automatic update for the kmod-nvidia never came through as it normally does so as seen in the comments below its a question of installing it yourself.

yum install kmod-nvidia-3.7.3-101.fc.i686

or (depending what applies to your system)

yum install kmod-nvidia-3.7.3-101.fc17.x86_64



A Minty Change….

Fedora 18 is finally out after much trouble with bugs and stuff and after trying it this morning I had more trouble with the final than the Beta that I was trying out the past couple of weeks. I’m sorry Fedora people but I can honestly say “don’t rush things out just to keep people happy, get it as near as perfect as you can’. I was not happy having wasted my morning because stuff didn’t want to install (skype).

So I decided to try some MINTY goodness, I have a disk which came with Linux Format with Mint14, one version with Mate and one with cinnamon. I have installed the one with Mate, it kind of looks like KDE so I feel very at home BUT, lots of differences. The app launcher is different and I really like it.

I also found the software centre well thought out, but skype doesn’t install so installed the version from the skype web site. It installed with no problem although there was a message saying about the version in the repos, but it also reported that it was an older version. Thats the trouble with repositories, the apps sometimes don’t get updated straight away.

I also installed nightingale, again no problem. I didn’t bother the PPA but direct from the website. So far it works fine but its likely that I will have to reinstall soon when the next version is released.

Another thing that I like is that I can easily connect to the Seagate Hard drive over WiFi in the other room. I am going to have to figure this out on my Fedora machine. I also installed Audacity so that I can digitize my vinyl, I will be testing this as well at a later date when I have time.

With this change in distro I am not dropping Fedora, I still prefer that but at the moment its Mint 14 on the laptop for a while. At least till F18 gets sorted out. In the mean time I am going to enjoy the change.


New Year Resulutions

Happy New Year to all

Its that time again, the one when I get thinking on how to improve my knowledge and understanding of my machines so that they work how I want/expect them to work. I also start wondering how I can contribute to software projects.

To further this I plan to Learn to code with the aid of Code academy as well as spend more time reading books so that I can understand the system better.

I have a number of projects which I have either started such as a Nightingale theme which was abandand sometime time ago after I had trouble with compatability. If I can learn to code instead of taking guesses of what to change, I will be able to re start the project. As well further the idea of getting the emusic addon working although I think that will take some work later in the year.

Theres also some problems that I need to address, simple things but need doing. Surround sound in fedora doesn’t appear to work right with some speakers working and others not. Worked fine with Chakra linux a few months ago so its something in Fedora.

On the laptop there is unreliabilty in wifi, has lately been intermittant and a solution needs to be found. An upgrade to Fedora 18 Beta seemed to improve it but not much. Although it has been noticed that anything google is often involved.

Following on from accessing servers via Fiefox I would like to go further and make connection via the network system.

But this years biggest project which I have very little information on is recording VHS onto my Linux machines. Getting vinyl digitized was easy but this could take some doing. The article on digizing vinyl is going to be reposted here from the old site at some point.

If anyone as any hass suggestion concerning these projects please do.