How to add books to the Amazon App on Nexus 7

After some absence in the writing of articles, which I apologize for (work and writers block!), here is an article which I may have mentioned before.

I do a lot of traveling with my job and like to have a book or two to read in my spare time away so having the kindle app on my phone or tablet is handy. Why not take your kindle? you may ask, well I do but if I don’t have my laptop to recharge it then having my N7 and charger with me is just as good. The problem I found a couple of months ago was adding books which I had downloaded from elsewhere or from Amazon and removed the DRM via Calibre. The problem was that the kindle app didn’t show the books that where on the device. This suggested calibre wasn’t so the right folder or directory….

I did some research which didn’t really give me the answer I was looking for so connected my nexus up and did some looking around in the file system of the tablet. The answer was that calibre was showing the wrong file or folder where the books are found. The next step was to re-set up the nexus 7 with calibre. It was simply a matter making sure that the right file types were marked and that the right folder where to find the books as well as where to send them when adding new ones. The final screen set up should look like…


And now you should be good to go.

I am still looking for general ebook app for my android devices with no luck so may have to write my own!