Adding Podomatic Feeds in Beyondpod

A few weeks ago I wrote that podomatic had released an android app but you cann’t download your favourite podcasts to listen to off line, unfortunately you still cann’t. So once again I have decide to add the feeds to Beyondpod. I applied a very similar method for Spreaker podcasts. If you want to have the feed on more than one device then you will need to do this on each one as they don’t sync across devices.

Open the app on your phone or tablet, go to Subscribe to feed. Then go to subscribe to this feed one the website page and click on the RSS feed link.

In the web address bar at top you will see (for example)

Click on the small world and you should see the same thing but with http//: in front, you need to put this in the feed address in the application.

In another example, I found that there was just a web address at the top of the page. In this case, you again click on the little world and a box should appear. In this case you need to click on feeds and the address you want should be shown.



Galaxy S5 and Where’s My Music?

Its that time that happens every now and then when my cell phone contract is up for renewal. I was going to continue with the old phone but decided that circumstances allowed me to get a new one with more features for dealing with the modern world. I settled on a Galaxy s5. All I can say is that that there is a whole lot of learning to figure all its features but once again Aviate is my launcher/home screen as I really didn’t like the Samsung one (it sucked!). I am still adding the apps that I want, the watch seems to work better with it. The phone is actually really nice but a large number of apps really do need to come off because I won’t be using them (mostly google!)

I did have one issue, music on the SDcard. I decided to put the music from the old phone in the new one so moved my photos and music to the laptop and reformatted the card. I had issues, now I don’t know ifs its the card (I am not convinced it is) but likely the micro SD adapter, it may even be something in Linux Mint (recently updated to 17). But it took two tries to get the photos across and the music seemed OK. When I put the card in the S5 with the music I hit a problem, although the folders showed not all of the music showed in Poweramp, or any other music app. Two nights searching the internet gave no answers that worked. I checked the card again by connecting the cable to the laptop. The files will only show via the laptop if the phone screen is unlocked! It is easy to connect the phone to linux, shame on Samsung for not having a linux application for tranferring files but I don’t think you really need it.

Anyway, I found the problem. Although the files were all there for bands, albums, etc. The music was not. All it took was looking and checking to the core of the file. I am now adding the music to the folders to fix the problem. I am wondering if others who have the same issue have are in the situation of the folders transferred but the contents have not been.


Spotify Playlist Tidy Up

I’ve recently changed my music buying/listening and I think its for the best. Mostly, I have done away with MP3 downloads which mostly came from emusic. For my favourite music I am now largely buying vinyl but this is quite expensive so Spotify is playing the role of providing music when I don’t have an album yet or want to check out a new release. Spotify also acts as new release notifier so I don’t miss anything new that isn’t covered by podcasts. The reason for this change was that I feel that the quality of MP3’s sucks and I really don’t see why we have to continue putting up with a low quality sound file. I am however, sticking with Bandcamp for music not available else where possible as the Ogg file format is available.

Thankfully Spotify has a linux desktop client but its still labelled as testing or something like that and the most recent version is only available for 64 bit due to problems with the 32bit so I am stuck with an older version. I also the android versions but the desktop version is better of keeping order. One thing that is obvious is that certain features aren’t very well documented. One of these is the ability to categorise the playlists. I was finding that the more albums I liked the longer and more messy the list got. I few weeks ago I found that I could organise them.

First go to file>new playlist folder (shortcut – control+shift+N), to make a new list such as symphonic metal, this will now appear as a playlist and you can drag albums into that playlist. While they are in that folder you can choose to play them all or pick an album and just play that as before. So, I am wondering what else is hidden away. The new tidied playlists will also be shown in the android apps as well, the tidy up thus appears across all applications for the service.