Emusic dowloading

The recent re installation of Chakra on my tower PC as well as a new laptop as meant that I have had to reinstall a downloader for Emusic. However, for some reason Emusicj which I had previously used didn’t want to run what ever I did. so I tried a search for the official downloader and yes their still is one but it doesn’t appear to have been updated to their version 5.

You can download here-


You need to click on ‘get older version version near the bottom of the page’.

To install.

1. Unzip the file in its own folder in home.

2. Go to that folder and click on emusicloader -> builds -> emusicdlm

3. It should then run, follow the set up instructions, job done!

It works well in conjunction with firefox (not tried chrome), after the first time go to the setting in firefox where you will fine applications and click on emusic downloader to open with the file type from emusic.