Music Streaming, Just What is the Solution?

This past week music streaming and in particular, Spotify as been in the news with Taylor Swift (who ever she is), pulling her music from Spotify and giving reasons as to why (I think she is a hypocrite  because she has left her stuff on youtube where you and every other person listens for free). It as highlighted one of the problems faced by musicians today. Musicians from all genres have for decades had to fight/put up with various lessening of their income in particular thanks to the internet. I have touched on the subject before concerning illegal downloads but streaming is a whole different ball game. The whole thing has highlighted the plight of musicians not getting paid what they deserve. I personally consider streaming a good ideal as it enables people to find new bands if using radio feature or listen to new music while saving up for the album (in my case spent /gone waayyy over their music allowance).

However, despite coming out in favour of Spotify and others I feel that it is about time that free streaming needs to end! People need to learn to pay for their music and support their favourite bands. I also think that musicians are acting grossly unfair by, has I see it, picking out Spotify in particular. They need to act against Youtube as well, it is well know that many people use Youtube to listen to music for free.

So who’s fault in all this? Everyone.

The solution is difficult to find but the general public need to be educated that music needs to be paid for because otherwise the artists will not have the money to continue. But having said this I am convinced that they really don’t care about what they listen to. Just look at the charts, listen to public radio, etc. The music mostly sucks because the good stuff as been knocked out of the way because people just don’t care!

This all comes at a time that I have more or less settled into a personal music revolution or a reverse to old habits combined with new internet advantages. I have started buying vinyl again because it sounds better and not prone to being lost due to faulty harddrives, failing that, CD’s. If I do download then I only do it if the files are ogg format or something else better than mp3 (which sucks big time). This does of course mean that my subscription to emusic is no more and if anything thing changes with their downloads then I will be unable to update the post on that subject.



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