Its Time to Move Forward

A lot has happened in the past few months hence and the biggest attack on my time as been work which as been really busy topped with helping my parents. In that time a new toy has arrived. Remember my pebble? Well, I backed the Kickstarter campaign for the pebble time and a few months back it arrived (have I really had it that long?). No, I didn’t do it just to stick my middle finger up at the apple watch, well sort off, I just wanted to back what I thought was a better product. In the time that I have come to depend on it. I am sure that my phone battery has been lasting longer because an average day I hardly touch it unless an important email comes through. Work breaks mean the phone gets used although thinking about it several recent changes have also improved the battery live but more that later.

With the pebble time improvements and new features come out with each app/system upgrade. The battery life on this thing is great, I have had up to 7 days but has it is used for all sorts of things a little less some weeks. I have come to rely on a handful of apps, compass, music boss, pebble communicator, watchnote just to name the top ones but others are also handy like javaplay (starbucks). I also have a couple of other apps I am trying out to get more out of the thing. The main project at the moment is Tasker which seems to be doing what I want and with pebble tasker a little bit more (another post will deal with this).

In the past couple of weeks pebble has also announced the pebble round which looks really good but I doubt I will go for it has in my opinion, it’s for people with small wrists but mostly because I love what I have. I still have the original pebble, its connected to my nexus 7 for a project which I am hoping to develop…