A Time for Change Brings A Relisation…

I have been extremely busy with work for a couple of months hence my lack of activity. I will say it again, that is about to change. I have realised over the past week that things need to be done and that I am falling behind with the tech in my life. The things I know I want to do include having an encrypted usb drive (I had one but forgot the password), more function for my watch and better use of my phone/tablet.

Lets touch on the subject of USB encryption. I want to get one of drrives re-set up as I forgot the password. I want somewhere to keep important personal files and would like them protected. I have spent sometime this morning researching the subject and guess what? Every website seems some what outdated by at least a year. I suspect this is for two reasons. The first being the Trucrypt situation last year and second, the powers that be are trying to keep this sort of information very low key and out of the general populations eyes so that they can protect their information. I will reserach this further time permiting.

I have settled on a set off app for my pebble and seem to be getting more function out off it as a result. This seems to be since on dropped Awear for it and after searching the pebble app store found a number of app that take the watch to the next level. I am currently checking out pebble tasker to truly make it a smart watch. However, the 8 app slots is a little restrictive at times and I have had to remove a couple of useful apps to make way for others. The good news though is that my pebble-time should arrive soon taking this restriction away.

As for the laptop, I think I have the music player to suit me, Clemetine. I can play my own music AND have spotify instead of the now pain in the backside desktop application which stopped working. Yes, I know I can have it running via wine but I find that unacceptable.

The phone is also under going change. Inbox was updated in the past few days and made open to anyone. Lots of improvement including delete at the top of the email for easier deleting. Just wish that it was available as a swipe action (trying to work this one out as the notes on the playstore said this was possible). The new photos app is also being tested but we will see if this stays. I have to investigate its use on the Linux system which isn’t listed but when you check the web site it lists windows and iOS as through the browser use. OK, yes, you can use it through the desktop on Linux but there is no uploader application available, you have to do it through the browser.

More soon…