Aviate Released into the Wild

This past week saw the release of Aviate to the general public meaning that invites are no longer required. Much cause for celebration. All was not well when I first upgraded when the latest version appeared, apps weren’t sorted correctly, in fact it was total chaos in App city. A quick check of My apps in google play and the update was still there so I redid it and hey presto, all was fine (I was close to installing and using Themer which in my opinion is nearly has good). Aviate has a few new features and a new look but still has one or two things missing which I will come to later.

The latest version takes some beating once installed, you can get the link from here:- http://aviate.yahoo.com/

A new feature which I really like is the favourite contacts feature, a simple swipe up from the bottom of the screen and your best friend and family are there (just make sure that aviate as access to contacts in the settings and then wonder why it ain’t working). Much easier than going to contacts and going from there. There are other one or two new screens which help make things simple and easy to get at, not like the normal android screen which is messy with no order of app icons and widgets. Widgets can be added to the home screen or a nice piccie of things important to you like kids or other half. I also like the way that the various pages or screens are set out and that you have a ‘Today’ Space, much better than either ‘Home’ or ‘Work’ which can be confusing when your not at either and the app as to decide where you are to give you what you need!

What is missing though is a collection for your watch or other wearable apps, everything else is covered but not watches. It would make things easier to have this than go through to app city as I call it.


Podomatic Not Catching!

Along time ago I gave up radio in the car, simply because it was and still is rubbish, I cann’t stand the so called tunes and the constant football talk (I don’t do football/soccer). My in car listening is now largely provided by the heros known as podcasters. I can listen to music I love, get music news and also occasionally liunx/tech stuff. I have largely been using Beyondpod which I cann’t fault so I can highly recommend.

Referring back a few months I did a piece on setting up podomatic links with Beyondpod so that the episodes can be downloaded automatically. since then I have occasionally checked the website out for new goodies and I found that a few weeks ago they had released an android app so I thought that I would give it ago. So, I installed it on my tablet and it worked fine, great me thinks so it gets installed on my phone. Straight away its a case of Oh dear, fail, it didn’t show the shows that I was following at the time on both devices. It may be different but it was a new release for Android so theres bound to be trouble (not for Crapple though, that’s been out for a while so likely to have been perfected).  I was away for a couple of weeks so couldn’t do anything to try and find a solution, in the mean time an update came out. Even more trouble. Nothing on both devices showed up when the app was opened, I emailed Podomatic but no reply, translation hint…they don’t care unless you pay! Not even to let them know of the problem with the app. Looking at the app page on the play store others have had the same thing and have got some form of response.

However, I came back to the problem this morning and down graded the score and review on the app store (might get their attention). I also reinstalled the app on my phone and tablet I can now see the podcasts liston both or the complaint about cross device is now not vaild. Unfortunately I cann’t download the podcasts to listen to them in the car as phone data signal in the UK rubbish. I did read a response on the app page saying that the next version should have the download option. Its a shame in this day and age that I have reinstall an app just to get it working again but I see this quite often and it needs to be fixed. An update shouldn’t really cause for a reinstall to take place to get the application to work again. Hopefully the next version should have the download function and not require re-installation for it to work.


Pebble app missed something!

Since I got my pebble watch I have become somewhat attached to it and now find myself dependant on it. However, in the past couple of weeks I have received as couple of updates which, while dealing with some issues and given improvements and other cosmetics have failed in one area. To be honest, I think the updates have taken the watch in a backwards move. I am talking about the blue tooth situation. When I first had the watch I had very few disconnections but in the past couple of weeks it has got more frequent. I was hoping that last nights update might deal with the situation but so far I see no improvement. Will this stop me from saying how much I like the device? No, I love it to much to leave it at home but the issue needs to be addressed before users get fed up with this issue and go else where.

One more thing, did anyone notice (unless its my eye sight), the version number for the app has gone down.

As ever I welcome comments.


What are you going to do with pictures on your phone?

What do you do with the pictures on your phone? I rarely see articles or suggestions on this topic so I presume that the pictures are just automatically sent to the cloud (google, dropbox, Flickr, etc). Or wasted on that Facebook rubbish. I have checked various ways of dealing with them including dropbox but as you know from old posts I have a great dislike or should that be distrust of the cloud. Downloading on to the laptop and later backed up can be done in various ways. Copy and paste, downloading via airdroid or using DigiKam.

I do a lot of travelling with my job and cann’t always guarantee my camera will be with me but my phone is. Thankfully the pictures its take are pretty damn good although I don’t think the quality is as good as proper cameras. It doesn’t matter though, I have taken the picture for a reason, to preserve the moment. When I get home I try and get the picture uploaded to my laptop so they are backed up in case the phone dies or worst, lost.

I did try the automatic upload to dropbox idea but decided to abandon it because I cann’t always rely on it happening so I try and make a point of downloading the pictures and backing them up when I get home or at least as soon as I am able to. At the end of each month a make myself sit down and go through my phone and download any pictures that haven’t been downloaded and back them up to an external harddrive. I tried airdroid as previously mentioned but found this some what time consuming because after the zip file is downloaded I have to go through and separate them out into individual events. Last weekend however I finally got around to dealing with digikam and getting it to work with my phone.

All I did was to set it up as a camera with port set to port and the path set to /media/username/o8DD-1A14/DCIM ,its important to specify DCIM as this takes to the photos folder. If you are not so specific then you get ever picture on the phone such as album covers, wallpapers, etc on the device and the loading time takes ages. So DCIM for your pictures!

Please post below if this works on other photo applications.


Looking for Perfection

I was prompted to write this as I spent 4 days of email exchange and over a hour on the phone with Samsung and Amazon to get the stupid Amazon video app to work on my TV. Why do I need to write this?

Its a general moan about the way that I feel the corporations make things difficult for the user or customer. I get the feeling that they do their best to ensure that we have to buy the latest stuff by making certain things only work on certain things for example, the amazon love film worked fine on my tv which is not that old (bought just before Christmas 2013). They say its to old! What a joke.The attitude is likely because they highly likely think that every one is on or above the average wage that the government keeps giving us. They are wrong, most people are on below it and cann’t buy new stuff every year like they expect us to. Why do you thing sales of PC’s has gone down? I am of the opinion its because no one needs a new one because the one they have works fine!

They have lost a customer who is going to stick with Netflix, and I told them so, no reply because they just don’t CARE! You may be getting the impression that I think amazon suck when it comes to service and you’ll be right. They say their service works on all devices, well they are wrong. They suggested I use a tablet or laptop, tv shows and films are supposed to be seen on big screens not little screens. I think things need to change big time, but I won’t be using amazon services again, their streaming service sucks, book delivery time sucks. I will use other services for the perfection I want. I expect things to be compatible or at least work with ease. I thought tech and machines were supposed to make live easier for us, no wonder people hack their machines. And if you want perfection the corporations won’t be giving it to you on a plate.

Next post will be back to getting stuff to work how it should. I really need some books on back engineering and hacking tech to get it to work for me. Suggestions please.