Joined the Revolution!

There seems to be a revolution taking place and it involves wearable tech. Some may see it has a fashion thing, others maybe don’t know what to think but to others it means other things. I see it in practical terms along the lines off ‘it maybe useful’. Hence my purchase and the arrival today of a nice shiny Pebble smart watch. Now these I can see as being a practical thing. Google glass type things are, well… make your own mind up but I don’t think that much off them.

Anyway, back to the Pebble. I ordered mine through Amazon just for the ease of it, and I didn’t want to wait ages for it to come from the States and be hammered by customs on the tax. To say I’m pleased is an understatement! It arrived within the time stated (2 days). I have been thinking for a while that it would be nice to have a watch again, I’ve really had enough of getting my phone out just to see the time! however, I do have a couple of concerns. The first one is the screen, just how scratch resistant is it. With my day job screen can get well and truly scratched so I need to check this.

Why the Pebble and not a different smart watch? Simply because others are either too expensive (and unpractical due to only being compatible with only one make of phone) or just look cruddy.

Once the box was opened I had the thing set up pretty quickly (roughly 5- 10 minutes). It was pretty easy, just installed the app on to my phone, update the watch, etc. The set up is easy to follow and now I just need to play around with it to get the most out of it. It does work really nicely with my Huawei Ascend P6.

Give a couple of weeks so that I can get used to it and then I will take things further just to get the most out of it.



Linux at Work Use

I have recently been spending alot of time in the office writing reports and learning CAD. After a day or so of report writing I remembered that the head of IT had said it was OK to dual book with linux. So I filled in a problem ticket and clicked reply, I was quickly given the OK. At the first chance I had Linux Mint KDE was installed on the machine BUT, I had to have dual boot. Not just because others use the machine but due to the fact I needed two pieces of software, leica desktop and AutoCAD. Both have no linux alternatives and I really don’t have the time to try and get these working on my favourite desktop.
Come Friday and the dragon from HR comes in with someone from the building department and takes one of the hot desks. Yes, it has a computer but they wanted mine, I was so annoyed you wouldn’t beleive, actually she upset alot of people within Geomatics. Straight away IT head explained to her that linux was on there as dual boot, she asked why and was told that it made the machine faster but the new person can have XP (for Christ sake, are people still using that junk?). He told her that a few people use linux and that they encourage it. NICE one Paul ! So this week, I have to go through another install because Buildings and the dragon don’t care what others think. I had a computer set up with the required power for survey software and a decent desktop environment for report writing and now everyones time is going to be wasted.

So, maybe it might be worth speaking with IT, you never know, Linux may be encouraged within your work place and simply asking you may get the go ahead to get a decent, productive system installed. May be worth stating that it will remain dual boot though.

Update- For some reason the computer in question was never changed and I didn’t have to do a reinstall. Which means that it will be worth my while adding the ability to print and network access so that I don’t have to use the remote desktop.