The Tablet Lacks With Wi-Fi And Other Annoyance

A couple of months back I bought myself a ASUS 10 inch tablet. Why you may ask that one and not another brand, first the price was right. Second, the colour and performance looked promising in the shop, the option to add extra memory with a sd card slot and importantly, there were no Microsoft apps pre installed on it.

So how as it measured up?

Pretty well, but not perfect though. WIFI on this tablet and being able to hold it is not brilliant but better than the Nexus 7. It seems to have got better and I cann’t really remember what happen. Another problem also has occurred, not much recently but it can get quite bad. This problem seems to take place mostly when do stuff. The whole thing freezes, the screen goes white with one or two lines across but again this seems to have not happened for a couple of weeks until the other day and it was accompanied by a buzzing sound.

Has with my other Android devices I have disabled a few apps that I don’t use as well as deleting some which came with the tablet. What I really want is to be able to delete apps ready installed so that I can free up memory and also makes sure that they don’t start up and run in the back ground as with a few Samsung apps on the s5. I am working on this problem but think it should be a requirement for OEMs to make all apps that come with a device to be removable.

The note pad that comes with the device is actually pretty good although writing with the stylus pen isn’t has good as it should be. I have recently been working away and being able to write notes on this in the field and the hotel room for later consultation ┬áis handy. I don’t take photos with the device but there again I don’t want to look like one of those knobs that goes round with a tablet using it like a camera. Also while I was away and at home as well, it is just the right size for reading books and magazines. What is really missing for tablets is libre office, this would make tablets truly useful to those who need something to write stuff while they are away. Maybe this is one reason why tablet sales have started to fall.

I would recommend this device but I think it can be greatly improved. I will likely have to review it again once I have checked out other stuff but it is more of a try it when you need it thing as I am somewhat busy right now. When I have the money I may look at the ubuntu tablet because from what I can see, it is more off what a tablet should be. Runs linux so that libre office can be installed and view photos, etc. we will see. Maybe to get this I could get a cheap tablet and install ubuntu touch on that.