Dropbox on KDE

Working between two computers is fine but when you are working on something such as a dissertation or University essay for example, it becomes a pain when you have an idea while on the computer that doesn’t have your work on it or you forgot to back it up on a USB memory stick for when you switch between machines. So recently I decided to store my projects on dropbox so that which ever machine I am using I have access to my work.

Yes, Dropbox install is fine on a machine running Gnome BUT not KDE. I was resolved to the idea that I would only have to have access to my work on my Fedora machine through the browser.

BUT then I thought….Why the hell should that be the case?

Solution was to google Dropbox in KDE and the solution was found. However, there are two main draw backs.
1/. You don’t have all the features that are available in Gnome. And
2/. It doesn’t start up when you turn the machine on. But I don’t see any need to have dropbox working all the time, just when you require it to get to your work.

How to install…

I already had a Dropbox account but it really isn’t necessarily a requirement to have one set up before installing this…

1/. Download the closed source Dropbox Linux client from http://www.getdropbox.com/download?plat=lnx.x86 (x86_64 for 64 bit)

2/. Extract the file into a new folder, for example I set up dropbox in home so I could fine it again.

3/. Go to the folder and click on it. If you see nothing; go to view in dolpin and click on view-show hidden files and it will then be visible.

4/. Click on the file dropbox and it should start up. Follow the set you during which you will be asked for your account details. Now is when you either set up an account or type your details in.

5/. Right click on the Application launcher and go to ‘Edit Applications’. Enter this in the command ‘user/home/dropbox/.dropbox-dist/dropbox’.

Hopefully I didn’t forget anything…..