AI still as on long way to go

Its all the rage now, it’s seems that the future of computing seems to be around AI. So what are they talking about? Simple, anything that talks possibly?

I recently caved in or more exactly, the child within couldn’t resist and went and got my hands on a Google assistant or home or what ever you want to call it. It came with a free googlecast which was actually more of a pain in the rear than anything so it was left unplugged. Having read about mycroft that is likely to be played with at a future date but not now.

First impressions were, this is pretty good but AI? For an intelligence it’s pretty stupid. This isn’t very intelligent because you have to train it. Being in the UK may also mean there are limitations because as usual some one at Google didn’t think that all countries are equal. If they release something then maybe where it comes then ask features should be available. No, I’m not going to try Amazon thingy because that company is still banned in my house. So far I have got it setting alarms, telling the weather, etc. I have tried the IFTTT stuff but that still needs work. The next thing will be sending texts if possible and opening curtains but that will be when I have time and something that also works with home assistant.