Trying To Move my phone forward but guess what

For a long time I have occasionally suggested that I wanted to move on from android or at least to a set up where I have much more control. Recently I had the opportunity to give a nexus 5 a loving home after seeing it in a second hand phone shop. Its condition was good enough for me so it came home with me. My view was to install ubuntu touch on to because I had read that OS more or less worked or seen a number of videos with working phones. I found the instructions to install it and followed it to the letter using my kubuntu set up. All looked promising until I tried adjusting times and installing apps. Yeap, fine but then the apps failed to open. This was bad and not what I was expecting, a search on the internet for several hours provided no solution except a lot of others with this exact problem with no solution or bug fix presented. This is had also some how affected how the phone turned on and so moving on proved very difficult but this was latter over come. I felt that this was not the way to go…

Thoughts turned another alternative.

I had also read about plasma phone. Thankfully there are also decent instructions on the plasma phone website and with the phone already unlocked and with TWRP already installed it was a simple matter of following the instructions which worked a treat. One of the issues in all this was me still learning the command line but if you don’t make the effort and learn in practical terms then you ain’t going to progress forward. I found I wasn’t typing the command right because I was missing the name of the user in the CD directory line. I did at one point cheat by opening the location of the download and opening with terminal, hey Presto, I found out what the earlier mistake was and still able to install the new os. This also had draw backs. Even more than before. Basically I found it unusable with lack of apps and issues with installing. It would not keep the Wi-Fi settings either. Time to move on!

My conclusion from all of this is that the alternatives to the major two are lacking but if they are developed much further then they will have a chance. Both looked promising but at the moment they are lacking in many areas. Both are relatively young os’s but for the amount for time that ubuntu touch as been developed I would have expected more. On top of this ubuntu touch development seems to have stagnated. Not sure what is going on with plasma phone though, this seems even further behind. I shall wait and see how these go. I have read that canonical are reworking ubuntu touch so hopefully I may be able to revisit later when they bring a new phone out (I hope) due to nothing available now or in production on the near future.

But I had the TWRP installed so I moved to a custom ROM, as in back to android but not the factory one. Most of the custom ROMS seeemed to be of line or unreachable. Hence I installed the resurrection ROM, this was a pain due to my lack of experience in such matters and needing to linux instructions which are lacking. I tried the instructions that I could find but these largely didn’t work but a bit of digging I found what I wanted buried in articles. These articles were found to miss one little detail out which meant I wasted about an hour or so trying to copy to the phone then going into recovery and not finding the zip file. Eventually a close looking at the pictures I found the answer, copy said file to the TWRP folder. When I did the recovery and clicked on install had a couple of failures but each time I checked the errors and found that this was caused by not clearing the cache. I also made the mistake of not installing grads at the same time but found that I could do this separating but I found that that instructions for installing had a mistake in them, this that the link didn’t take you to the file which is needed for the current version of the Rom which is based on android N. Another search and I got the page I needed. I used openggad which I just copied into the twrp folder as before and installed it. I was able to select what Google apps I wanted without the whole lot leaving unused apps of the phone.