What Will 2015 Bring?

Well, CES has happened and a few nice things were seen on the TV and since the French attacks and a week doesn’t go by without a report of online security breaches 2015 promises to be a year when tech advancements and cyper security may bring improvements. Although I am not to sure. Why? Alot of new tech that has been recently revealed will be too expensive for the majority of the population and may not make it. When it comes to cyper security most people don’t have a clue what to do, don’t care or have been brain washed to think everything should be scanned by the governments in the lie of safety.

On Line Security.

Recent calls by the UK prime minister for encryption to be banned, heavily restricted or at least for companies to provide back doors keys to the spooks has my concerns. Everyone has a right to on line privacy but yes you need to monitor communications of the suspected terrorists but at what cost? If he gets his way, it will not stop terrorists but just make their life more difficult because they will just find new ways of doing what they do. Giving back door keys to those that spy on us may also provide access to company and private accounts and computer system to those that wish to do harm. The problem will never be resolved partly due to lack of skilled security people and also lack of deterrents. One of my main concerns with encryption being restricted and back door keys being handed over is that it will compromise internet banking, online shopping and other important uses of it. Internet security on financial matters will be compromised and will likely push back online shopping, banking, etc back to where it was 10 years ago!


I don’t see the driverless cars making much of an impact this year or next for that matter. This is mostly due to safety concerns as well as people not trusting the technology. Several good pieces of car tech was seen at CES but it will possibly not appear or become mainstream due to cost. Personally I would like to see some form of fitting that allows someone smart phone to be connected to the car the for music, hands free calls, navigation,etc.


Will not dominate the desktop once again!

Internet of Things

I think this may take on but only if the tools to do come down in price. I also only think that it will work if people are able to be free to use gadgets of their choice and not restricted to one company (I’m looking at Apple here). The companies off the world need to work together in some way to allow this to happen although I see very little point in having a fridge connected to the internet!

Smart phones, watches and other wearables.

In this section I predict that there will not be much more growth in smart phones, those you want one will likely have one by now. I would not be surprised if modular phones and watches make an appearance this year. We will also likely see the apple watch come on the market but it will be restricted to Apple lovers and those with the money to buy one as I expect it will be expensive. I also expect more smart watches to come on to the market but in the end, I expect those that make it will be watches that can be connected to any system phone and not restricted to say, just apple or android. Pebble is likely to be a winner here. Watches with their own sim card may also make some head way but who wants to look a idiot talking to their wrist? Google glass and the like? while of some use will stay in the back waters and possibly forgotten, google glass is already seeing changes and unless a new model or other factor happens will die a death.


The changes in the way that people buy and listen to music will continue to change. The latest is hi-re music files but these and the stuff to play on them on are expensive. In my opinion, to expensive to make a difference because people either cann’t afford them or don’t care enough to pay the money (this is a majority of people). Downloads will likely continue to decline and vinyl will increase in sales again. On line streaming will continue to grow but people need to pay for it and not expect it for free.



Ello! Pebble Update Makes Inbox Unhappy!

This morning I awoke to find that there was a new update (Beta) for my pebble. When I checked what was new I saw that it allowed for custom responses which is a big improvement. This means that there is some over lap of features between the Pebble app and Awear although I still think that having both working at the same time is the best option. I installed it anyway has I like the latest in anything. At first I didn’t see much difference apart from the custom responses but then I found there was a problem. Notification from Inbox are no longer working (reported), there seems to be one or two other issues looking at G+ so I expect another update in the next day or so to fix these issues.

A little while later I had an email with an Ello invite, I have been waiting for this for a while and really pleased that it has come through. In case you don’t know, Ello is a social network with major difference to Facebook which appears to respect the privacy of the user and no ads. I don’t know how they expect to pay for the service but I have been told that they expect to offer additional features for an annual subscription. We will see but in the mean time I have accepted the invite and will try it out over the next few months. Looks promising!