Vinyl to digital using Linux part 2

Following on from my last post where I described my set up now comes the bit where you should, if all goes according to plans produce some music on your computer from your vinyl.

When you have all the hardware and software set up and ready to go the process should be simple but there may be one or two problems.

The one that I have encountered a couple of times, is a strange screech. I simply restarted the recording to get rid of it. I have no idea what it is.

The other problem was when I first started recording but the problem is solved by moving the start indicator past the ‘0’ on the bar that shows the recording (the waving line sound level, no idea what its called).

To get the recording simply play the record as normal and press the red record. If all goes well you should have the music play through the computer speakers and you should see the indicator on Audacity progress as well while the recording takes place.

When finished you are faced with the task of splitting up the recording into separate tracks. This is normally very easy unless the tracks run into each other like the one I had yesterday. When you zoom out of the bar with the recording you should see the large areas of noise separated at intervals. The picture below shows what a tracks look like with the intervals with a single track highlighted (shaded area).

Once you have done one track the rest are simple to do.

Do NOT delete anything at any stage, it will mess things up.

The following steps will hopefully lead through the process. If not let me and I will make the changes.

1. Mark the beginning of the track to be saved.

2. Hold the left click on the mouse and move the curser to the end of the area to be saved. It should be shaded as in the picture.

3. Create a folder to save the track so that you can have the album in one place. I simply have the band and album title.

4. Go to file and click on Export Selection (this means just the shaded area will be saved/exported).

5. When the file window open, name the track/file, song title is normal in this instance.

6. Once you click save, that window will go and a new one will appear. This will enable you to enter the import stuff, basically the metadata for the track. Once the information is in, click save.

7. That track is done, now repeat for the next track.

Suggestions for improving these instructions are welcome and will be edited in.