I currently work as a full time archaeologist and in my spare time watch Sci Fi movies/tv shows as well as go fly fishing. I am also trying to teach myself the linux operating system although I have on occasion been able to deal with iOS problems. Currently I am at a stage were I am able to fix a problem and as well as teach myself more advanced stuff (coding, etc) to get more out of the system. I suppose that due to sci-fi and new tech advancements I have the idea that I can get my gadgets to do certain things and try to accomplish these ideas.

Having finished my degree in Archaeology a few months ago I have been using my time and research skills to try and find the answers to further my idea of what a computer system should be and to get the best out of my machines.

I came up with the idea of this blog so that I can present solutions to problems encountered as well as demonstrate how to get stuff to work how I think it should.
After much distro hopping, I have settled on Mint with the KDE desktop although it is still possible that I will return to Fedora or even try something else.



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