A Time To Reflect

As I write this I realise that this blog as been neglected for a long time. Most of last year was spent doing other stuff like work and stuff around the home, I also got lazy with this kind of thing. I even forgot to go on holiday. But the past few weeks I have spent alot of time doing computer stuff. Things went wrong, sometimes big time which meant stuff had to be done and I learnt a lot. My nexus 5 and Samsung s5 have both died, the s5 seems to hate the winter cold so goes into hibernation. This as led to a new addition, oneplus 3t, why not the 5 or 5t? simple, it was far cheaper to buy a year old phone than a newer model. I haven’t got around to rooting it yet, no time but somehow I managed to unlock the bootloader and couldn’t move on to the next stage. I swore and left it for now. The battery life is so much better, however I am still looking for a decent news app.

The new Firefox with its new engine also meant changes, basically nit screwed up everything and I’ve stopped using it. I think there was no thought for what people wanted. I can’t use my yubikey, password manager (no I ain’t using the built in one). This meant two things, the first I went straight over to Vivaldi and no complaints. The second was that due to the yubikey no longer working I was unable to access my nextcloud box. This meant starting again with that, I decided to give nextcloudpi a try, after much messing about and issues I was successful with the developer being a huge help with the issues. I now have access on all my devices and the latest version unlike the official nextcloud box pi3 version I had before which quite frankly although OK wasn’t meant for ease of use.

With the end of 2017 comes the unease of mind that the pebble servers will be shut down. The ex head of pebble claimed about a month ago that he wasn’t sure when the server would go but I am not taking chances, I’ve moved to gadgetbridge. I have had very few issues, the one at the moment is dealing with double notifications from inbox. I also seem to have lost canned responses. I do miss snowy and voice replies.

I hope to do more detailed posts over the coming weeks on the above subjects.