Does Microsoft really love Linux?

Just recently I have started to wonder if Microsoft really does love Linux or whether it’s got something going on behind the scenes which would enable it to take it and destroy or totally control it.

Let’s start with the recent announcements regarding red hat,  etc.  Do they really need to partner up for the stated reason or are they just trying to inch their way in to these Linux companies with the aim of eventually squashing them so that companies and the home users has to use Microsoft crappy products? Let’s face it,  they are still spreading  lies about litre office in Europe.  I have read articles stating that Microsoft actually blackmailing those with power or influence to get companies and government departments to use their rubbish bloated office applications. Even where I work seems to have changed over to more Microsoft stuff, I think this come from outside of the IT department because one or two staff aren’t impressed.

Another example is with Android. What’s with the likes of Samsung putting Microsoft apps on their devices ?  This only gives users another excuse to root and remove software that they don’t want,  including me!  Thankfully I got a phone last year before this blackmail by Microsoft kicked but when the time comes for a new device then it is likely that I  will be going for a nexus phone. I am strongly suspecting that the scum bags at microsoft are using patents to get their way. Personally I think that software patents are bad for the user and the advancement of technology and should be out right BANNED!

So where will this lead? I think a majority of the population don’t care enough to do anything but those of us who do will find ways to control what we have and not use what we believe to be to be products that are inferior and bloated.