Cloud Doing My Head In

The past few months have seen many changes in the cyper and software world. Several have past me by, while important to most people I am simply not interested because I don’t have need for it. Like most people I pick and choose what I want that I can use in my current project to make my life easier. One of these is having my own cloud. Six months ago I would have said owncloud would be perfect, especially with the project in conjunction with a major hardrive manufacture. Then along came the news that owncloud had been forked to become nextcloud. So I thought it best wait a bit to see what happens. Behold, a couple of months or so ago the next cloud box was announced so I ordered it for £60 I thought it was to good to wait. It arrived just after I got back from holiday. I used my spare raspberry pi 2 b+ but I had issues, pretty big issues. More reading and I ended up buying raspberry 2, try again and same thing so I started from scratch again. The first issue was that I was able to gain access at first but the following day nothing! The bigger issue is that although I was able reach it via the browser I was not able to reach it via ssh and it wasn’t showing on the network in the file plugging a keyboard and mouse in the

Once I had everything up and running again I found that one of the issues may have been that a screen saver was in place on the system. I found this out by plugging a keyboard and mouse in the pi. I found that I could manage the little box set up this way but I still wanted to do it via SSH due to the wire  trailing every where. I fixed the problem of not being able to connect via SSH and the command line simply by install Putty. The wiki on the nextCloud website said the command line and Putty for windows but they may need to change it. I had to install Putty via synaptic due to the software centre on kubuntu not having it. Actually it doesn’t seem to have much of what I need! Problem one solved.

The other connection problem is still a work in progress. I can connect via the browser but I need to fix the https settings which I have self signed due to lack of internet connection issues. Which is weird because I can do updates for the system and nextcloud but connecting via applications on android and my laptop, Nope. At the moment I am wondering if its either a setting in the router or a port is closed or restricted. A great opportunity to learn networking as presented itself. Maybe I could compare the settings with my libreelec set up. But I am currently thinking that lack of connection maybe a good thing in keeping all my stuff private, although maybe it doesn’t work like that.



Two things I learnt today

This post is more for my benefit than any ones but you may learn.

The first thing I learnt was that the Ubuntu install will transfer or keep the home folder of the previous version that you are replacing.

The second thing that I found was after I tried to open a pdf that I had transferred to my laptop using kdekennet had some issues.  It appears that the transfer messed up the file somewhere along the line which basically made it unreadable.

Dealing with the first, I kept that snippet of information ready for Kubuntu 15.10 to rear its head. When it came to the time to upgrade I started of with a system upgrade but this went wrong, badly. All was going well until the install stopped…no obvious reason. I did some checking and a reboot, I found that the system had a kernel panic and the way I could get to my stuff was to select an earlier kernel and boot up as normal. Yes, I should have backed up before but I was not paying attention and went head long into the update like a crazed maniac. Don’t do this, think before you do something important. In the end I downloaded the new release and totally reinstalled the system, I made the choice of not having a separate home partition for the simple reason that I have decide that I don’t really need to. i have instead decided to get a second external harddrive and keep my photos and music and that and have it permanently connected. Back up will be the drive I have now and hopefully in the near future a home server that is not connected to the outside web.

With the second issue, I found the solution to transferring PDF to android devices to be easier with Airdroid which I think I have mentioned before. This solution though, does not work very easy at all when transferring music. To do this it is best to connect the phone via a usb cable. I am sure that the PDF transfer was affected when I sent it to the laptop via the bluetooth connection. The KDE connect thing though is really useful for control music and using the phone as a touch pad thingy and does work well for transferring photographs