Not So Good Easytag

With libreelec running well on my raspberry pi I have been tinkering around with it and its just getting better each time I find or think of something else. So now I’m adding new music via file manager, ssh would do the same thing but the file manager is easier. I don’t download music unless I’m using bandcamp which as ogg files, mp3 is rubbish so I’m not interested. The main option is to rip CD’s or digitize my records into digital files and add the cover art. For this I was using easytag to add the artwork and other info if the files are from vinyl.

I haven’t done this for a while and found that I needed easytag, this time it didn’t behave, I couldn’t resize the window for a start then I realised that I had getting annoyed before because each file has to be realty with on there on. Yes, I tried looking for the setting to do several flies at once but could find it. From this point I looked for something else, taking into consideration the plasma desk top I tried Kid3. Very happy with the result.

I actually found that it was easier to do block processing as I was able to highlight all of the tracks and add the cover art in one go unlike before when I had to do each track individually. I haven’t tried adding other details yet as I haven’t needed to but will when I digitise some of my recent records. Honestly, I liked easytag but it just doesn’t seem to work as it used to or should. Kid3 seems to be the one for me but I don’t see it mentioned that much.