Not So Good Easytag

With libreelec running well on my raspberry pi I have been tinkering around with it and its just getting better each time I find or think of something else. So now I’m adding new music via file manager, ssh would do the same thing but the file manager is easier. I don’t download music unless I’m using bandcamp which as ogg files, mp3 is rubbish so I’m not interested. The main option is to rip CD’s or digitize my records into digital files and add the cover art. For this I was using easytag to add the artwork and other info if the files are from vinyl.

I haven’t done this for a while and found that I needed easytag, this time it didn’t behave, I couldn’t resize the window for a start then I realised that I had getting annoyed before because each file has to be realty with on there on. Yes, I tried looking for the setting to do several flies at once but could find it. From this point I looked for something else, taking into consideration the plasma desk top I tried Kid3. Very happy with the result.

I actually found that it was easier to do block processing as I was able to highlight all of the tracks and add the cover art in one go unlike before when I had to do each track individually. I haven’t tried adding other details yet as I haven’t needed to but will when I digitise some of my recent records. Honestly, I liked easytag but it just doesn’t seem to work as it used to or should. Kid3 seems to be the one for me but I don’t see it mentioned that much.



Vivaldi Improving Quickly

Yes, I admit it. I am late in posting about this but things got really busy over the past few weeks but at least it gave me time to check it properly.  Any way, its given me time to play with new browser Vivaldi (available here ). Its available for linux and I expect other systems but I don’t check that because I don’t care for those. I downloaded it straight from the website and strongly suspect that it isn’t in the repos for Ubuntu and its various versions, nope, ain’t checked that either. At first I found it somewhat frustrating that I had to keep going back to Firefox (which I still really like) due to constant failures. I found that certain things didn’t work such as keepass at first but a few updates and they work fine. Early releases off new stuff always has problems so I kept testing and now use it most of the time.

The current problem that I have now is that some settings are missing or hidden that I have been used to in Firefox and what I really want is the one that I click once so that in the future history is deleted when I end the browser session. However, one of things with Vivaldi is that its more for the power user and one of the functions is being able to take notes so I am suspecting that if history was deleted on shut down then the notes will either be lost or useless.

The browser is based on the chrome engine so chrome add-ons can be used. I did think about trying join ( a thingy that connects devices) but seeing as though I use KDE which has KDE connect I really don’t see the rush, it would be nice to know though. The keepass app that I using works well, actually I tried a couple of others which were failures as far as I am concerned. Keepass actually works better with Vivaldi compared to Firefox.

Visually, its not bad but really needs to be more customizable like theming along the lines of Firefox. Just using colours is similar to the look of android which is boring but then just having colours means there is not a lot to distract the user. The lay out is nice, better access to history would be nice though. Having things such as bookmarks and downloads access from a bar on the side is a good touch.

I actually started to wright this a few weeks ago and Vivaldi has now become my default browser on my laptop. It actually seems to be improving all the time. Speed seems to be the thing, its faster and various functions are handy when I find them. Based on the Chrome engine which I absolutely hate but this has everything I need. I see  bright future for this browser and hope it gains more popularity.


Linux Desktop opinions!

For the past few months I have been using Mint (an older version as I really cann’t be bothered upgrading at the moment). I installed the version with Mate desktop because I could easily connect to a seagate harddrive on my home network which I couldn’t do on KDE. This, as it turns out was one of the few pluses of the desktop but there were a few negatives as well. I found that as time went on many of the applications such as Eyeofmate and one or two others just didn’t do what I was used to or wanted! I also found that Nightingale (my preferred music player) didn’t really work right as well although it still doesn’t on KDE either as it kept crashing with the lastfm and soundcloud add-on.

So, within 2 months of my newish installation, KDE was on the machine and I was so much happier. Why did I take this step?

I simply prefer the applications and general working environment as well being used to its functions and settings. In particular I wanted Digikam as I am of the opinion that this is the best photo manager that I have used on any system. For some reason it doesn’t open when I am using Mate desktop, may be something to do with the software engine behind the desktop. But this doesn’t really matter.

The other snag that I have found but I have fixed is the locking of the machine when I am using KDE. Its only happened a couple of times but when it locks the desktop, it does exactly that. Nothing will happen, I was able to log back in the last time using a USB keyboard but this just sucks. Because even after the login the computer was still locked via the keyboard and other pieces of the hardware and the only way to be able to get my machine back was to pull the battery out the back of the laptop ( I didn’t want to do this as I’m sure its bad for the machine but was the only thing I could think off). As I say, the settings are now changed to stop the locking of the session to deal with this bug. When I’m using Mate I don’t have this problem because there doesn’t seem to be no automatic session lock come in after a set period of none use. Granted it can be useful but it should only be done by the user if they are leaving the machine for a while which I suspect is the case with Mate.

At the moment I am currently spending most of time using KDE as it is the desktop environment that I can work best with. The applications do what I want with the freedom to do everything from one place. In Mate for example, I cann’t upload pictures to flickr without going out of the dedicated eyeofmate or Gwenview. I have also installed the software that I prefer such as Thunderbird, nightingale and others but there seems to be some difference in the way that they work better on one desktop and not so on the other. It would be really nice if one desktop could be used and be able to use the applications on that instead of having to switch, especially if it just to access the Seagate hard drive on the network. So in conclusion, no desktop wins one hundred percent, I am of the opinion that the perfect desktop experience is yet to come but KDE is pretty close, just sort out the network connection stuff!