Apps No Longer Fit For Use Replaced

There comes a time when an app that you were happy with when you first used them become stale, old or change to the point that you no longer want to use them. In some cases they can be replaced with apps that actually work better. In other cases you have to make do.

The first app that I recently replaced was the one that came preinstalled on my S5, it was the one that made use of the ir feature on the phone to control the TV. I was really happy with it until it became PEEL, things changed slowly. Features started to creep in which I really wasn’t happy with. Looking at the playstore review section not many others liked it either. The biggest bug bear was the advert that became a right pain, offers to pay a fee to get rid of them went unheeded. So I tried several and best one I found for my uses was IR universal remote. Its relativity simple and offers exactly what I want although at the moment I’m mostly using demand TV and Kodi so an app that turns the TV on and off and alters the volume would be OK and all I really need. Recent updates to the roku app are in my opinion have made it less useful. Its latest layout does give the remote a default that means it opens with a screen of your apps which is not what I want. I’m finding this somewhat negative but there again I’m finding myself mostly using libreelec with just two catchup apps used in the roku akthough over a period of a few weeks since I last added to this post I have since ditched the roku altogeather due to it being somewhat useless. Instead I have watched TV when the shows have actually been on and used the Kodi device more.

For Kodi I am now using Yatse, much better experience and more functions which I have still to explore, parly due to time and also spending time trying to get other stuff improved/fixed. Yatse is best paid for as you get more from it

Lately Kodi has been in the news thanks to the pre installed boxes…don’t touch these!! Kodi itself have distanced themselves from these devices and quite rightly. I am concerned that miss information in the main stream newspapers and TV will harm this fantastic piece of software which is perfectly legal.


Apps in apps out

A couple of months ago I posted that that Microsoft can’t be trusted with Linux and android and now other people are starting to say the same thing on how they seem to be trying to blackmail companies via software patents, etc. Well they seem to be doing just that. It had not occurred to me but the predicted loss of support to Skype for Linux as or is occuring with no updates for a couple of years. I also feel that its becoming less useful for individual, as it seems that group calling is becoming more promoted but there again, I feel that people are leaving it for more secure apps. So from this I move to what’s in and what’s out.

First up is guess what? Skype, I have recently removed it from my phone and soon my tablet. The monthly subscription was ditched a while ago as it served no purpose what so ever. I don’t use it as much as I did, I am going to try and get an open source alternative. If my friends want to video call then they can change and ditch that Microsoft controlled Skype. I am convinced that Skype is not so good as it was with not being as reliable and secure as before.

Also out is Swiftkey, largely for the reason that Microsoft as bought it. Swiftkey is one of best keyboards available with it prediction but I am not at all happy about Microsofts involvement and control of the app. I feel that it will also go down the pan as other things have, Skype and Nokia for example. I am currently try swipe which while not as good with prediction is a good alternative.

An newish app that I am becoming fond of is Pocketcast, I seem to be listening to podcasts a lot more these days, largely due to normal radio becoming stale with manufactured so called music and useless chatter. I haven’t really settled on a good range of podcasts but I do need to get used to this to get the most out of it. The first thing will be to figure out a way to have the casts follow on from the last when it finishes.