From under my rock

I don’t post much, but I watch and notice things. Recently I’ve noticed a tread for control. Not apple but mic5osoft amongst others. They say that they are friends of linux but I doubt it. Last year the company that I work for decided to upgrade the computers. They went with windows and other Microsoft products after years of successfully using open source. Some stuff stayed but having to go to that useless office software was a shock and I suggested that they were money on crap software. I was told that certain stuff doesn’t work with libreoffice, I pointed out that this may be due to the lack of up dates. They still didn’t listen, I came to the conclusion that pressure had been put on the company first I thought by staff but then came to the conclusion it was Microsoft themselves. I’m hearing stories that this is happening else where with peoples jobs even being lost or threaten due to these scum bags. The Linux Foundation had better watch out or they will be forced to convert to Microsoft, they already have their foot in the door. Maybe its time to start a rival organisation to look after Linux and other open source software.

This week saw the news that the bloke from facebook had written an essay about social media. Apparently he’s concerned people weren’t using it or leaving it. There is a reason people don’t use social media. Its called taking back control of personal privacy. I think that in his case he just wants to make money from other people’s private information. I am sure many people are leaving social media or using it a lot less due to criminal actions as well as governmental action that takes people’s information or data. Personally I’m not using the internet as much as before, research and shopping, that’s about it. Currently I’m working to get a homecloud box working correctly (still) and streaming from own devices, etc.

My phone project is going reasonably well but ubuntu touch and plasma phone didn’t work out but that is another post.


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