Raspberry media player redone

As reported in my previous post, a few weeks ago I finally got to set up my pi3 as a media player, I set it up using the noobs thing simply because it was easier. I chose Openlec in the menu, I had tried installing kody before but that hasn’t gone according to plan, this did. It worked great and I was happy, apart from one or two issues with the way that I had the files set up.

After a while I realised that no updates had come through so I did a bit of checking and all I find were suggestions for manual updates. I really didn’t have time for that at the time so left it. About three weeks ago I stumbled on the reason why nothing was happening with Openlec. It had been abandoned! Why this hasn’t been made more public is downright rude. Apparently the developers had simply stopped what they were doing. A bit more checking and I found that a large portion ( not sure how many) had forked the project and started to do what they thought was right. Straight away I saw that they had done the right thing.

The name of the fork is libreElec which seems to be making great progress. When I came to do the install I tried their installer which failed. Yes I followed the instructions but due to a command error it didn’t happen. This was done with an older version nd a couple of updates have come out so things may have changed. Plan b, noobs from the raspberry pi website was used, I noticed that libreelec was now in place of its now dead origin so the installation was painless and simple. This also coincided with the arrival of a raspberry pi 3. Within a short while all was good and things were running. I also fixed the issue with the photos taking the tiff files out of the folders because there caused the device to freeze up. Music was still left to be dealt with, very untidy the way they were done in terms of use with kodi.

The system is slowly changing and improving as I discover better ways of doing things and new features as well. Searching the wiki when I think of improvements as given lots of answers of how to do things corrrectly, if I haven’t worked it out or fudged it first. Currently I have got it working direct with an external hardrive so that I don’t have to add the tracks each time I turn it on. I have also got it working fine with my pebbletime. The app of choice is opus, the other two have either had no updates for over a year or couldn’t connect. When seeing this up make sure to put the port number at the end so you have for example 453.675.1.###:8080 (number made up, didn’t think I’d put my real number did you?)

On the phone I can control the system with yatse, works better than the dedicated app for kodi with far more features. It’s with paying for this app because several more features are unlocked but I haven’t got around to seeing them up yet. Simple to set and use as well.



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