Don’t ignore emails you think are trying to get spend

Every day brings emails, mostly junk or ones that come from companies that you have bought from. Most often, if your like me you see the subject line and press delete. Well, thats fine and the most common reaction but sometime its worth just holding back for certain companies.

About a year ago I  bought some NFC tags with a view to having a play just to see what I can do with them. Sure I did the normal set up of turn WiFi  on then forgot because I got busy at work.  Then a couple of months ago I  got an email from the tag suppliers, I thought they were just after my money but I read the email anyway. I found a link to a blog of theirs that showed how to use Nfc tags to unlock the screen,  well I thought let’s try it out but I found the reason I  hadn’t tried it before even I may have heard of the use is because Samsung think it a nice idea to hide the setting that I need to do it. A quick duck duck go search gave me the answer.

Within the security section of the phones settings you’ll find smartlock. From here you can add apps, locations, etc where it is OK to have the screen unlocked. While I was doing this I also set up a safe location (home) but this is unreliable and rarely takes effect so the NFC tag is mostly used. I also have one set up for the car (still need to actually put it in).

Using this is just easier but the screen lock still kicks in after a while as normal but its still better than putting in the code every time which makes life easier. Also good for when I am using the phone to control the roku.

Bu t having said all that I still go auto pilot and just press delete…may have missed something.




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