Digitizing Vinyl Revisited

The past few days has seen me revisit an old project.  This has mostly been due my decision to stop streaming music and to actually buy my music on vinyl and CD’s (has a second option). Why?  You may ask.  Well for two reasons, both are equally important. The first is due to recent issues with security of various websites and my wish to depend less on the web as whole and keep things off line if possible. The second is control,  basically, I want to control what I listen to and when.  It also means that in some cases no one knows what I  am listening  too unless I  login into lastfm which seems to be not a lot unless it on my phone (too lazy to login most of the time). Back to what I control what I listen to, by this I mean I don’t rely on stupid digital rights saying that I cann’t listen or download music in one country and not another and don’t have to pay for several steaming services just to listen to my favourite bands because of exclusive deals.

Anyway, I installed the software that I was using before and it hasn’t changed much and the only thing I had to do was make sure that the correct device was selected (have to check this each time you have a digitizing session it does not keep your settings in the instance).  The other thing that I found and I am strongly suspecting that its due to memory size is that I was unable to play the record while I was recording as it stopped after a couple of minutes.

Once the music was successfully recorded, I split the tracks up as they need to be using wikipedia or the CD/album listing for timings but if you use wikipedia then you get to copy and paste the track title. So much easier than guessing the timings by looking at the recording and typing the song title. Once each track was done I saved as otherwise it was saved as audacity file but I was saved mine as ogg-vorbis files. Making sure each file had .ogg at the end or it will not show in Amarok or anything else for that matter. Also make sure album title are the same or you get stuff listed twice.



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