What Goes Around Comes Around

It all started a couple of months or so ago when Spotify wanted more permissions to my phone than I thought acceptable, and so others thought as well. Many articles appeared on line concerning the matter, some bloke from the company did a blog post, news thing on the Spotify site to try to calm things down people still cancelled their accounts, many deleting altogether. This happened at a time I was trying to justify keeping my subscription for the amount of use I was getting out off it. Needless to say I cancelled, keeping it for the sole reason of still getting the emails to tell me when my favourite bands released new stuff but I haven’t used it for streaming since.

I thought I would try google music, same price but why? I haven’t used it any more so what is the point? So after 6 weeks of trial time that went as well. I have mostly been playing vinyl at home and podcasts in the car. I haven’t really had time to turn my laptop on so not much playing that music. I actually found my mind toying with the idea of downloads once again but I am not really keen on MP3’s (ogg is my my preferred format). I have been using Bandcamp but alot of what I want ain’t there so there seems to be one site that I could think off…Emusic!

I was slightly happy to return and get downloads and actually found a more refined way of installing and using the emusic downloader. (found here ). It seems similar to mine that I posted a long time ago but easier. However, after the recent attacks on various sites I have decided to remove my card details from all sites such as emusic.com. The result is that once again I am going to have to get my music via CD’s and other sources until emusic buck their ideas up and allow paypal in the UK. But there again, at least with CD’s I will always have a hard copy back up.



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