Streaming Woes

After a much to long break in paying attention to this blogs I feel I must comment on a number of things from the tech world and some stuff that I have been doing between doing things which as kept me away. I am so behind!

I feel first that I need to say something about music seeing as though music is very dear to my heart. Over the past few months there as been coverage on this subject,  but what about the true feeling from the music listener/buyer?

We have recently seen the addition of Tidal and now Apple music,  neither I really care for,  especially Applemusic. We are starting to see artists pull their music from all but one. I  personally wouldn’t be some backlash from the listening public against artists who insist on making their music available on only one site. No,  they won’t stop listening but two things could happen. The first could be that the buying public will once again buy the download, cd or indeed vinyl version thus meaning the artist only gets paid once. Or,  they may once again turn to illegal downloads which will be very paid.

Why the back lash? My view is that each person likes different bands or individual artist and having to pay for 2 or more streams will get expensive and if they’re not on brilliant wages (most people) will seek their listening else where!

There is also another fundamental problem with streaming, phone data.  We seem to be seeing an end to unlimited data on mobile networks and streaming music eats alot of your data allowance so unless you have deep pockets or only stream on wifi then you ain’t going to listen to alot of music.

Since I started writting this a couple of weeks ago Spotify as introduced a new policy which sucks so I have cancelled my membership and gone with google play, I will try this for a couple of months before I make my final decision. I am really not sure at the moment although streaming does enable the streaming of albums that i don’t have yet.

I  would be interested in your thoughts so please leave a comment below.


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