Moving Forward With Frustration

There is moving forward and then there is moving forward.  By that I  mean being handed new tech and having no say or having to wait for others do the up dates when they feel that the time is right.  I have been wanting to try new stuff with ideas on how I want my systems to be or look like. An example of this is sitting and reading about kde 5 or plasma but it not being  available for mint kde.  Apparently it is felt that it is not and its buggy. I thought linux was about choice!  I  checked the forums for help or any info and all I found was unhelpful peolle saying wait and not actually making suggestions on how to upgrade, at least they should either answer the question with suggestions or just keep quiet.  Just bias towards control of the user through bias opinion, I expect this from Apple and Microsoft NOT a Linux distro! I saw this kind if thing with PClinuxOS and stopped using it.

Further research pointed to Kubuntu,  I try this awhile ago and liked it so once again I downloaded it,  I  can always add and take stuff away. I tried the live dvd and it was fast. I  do have a feeling that there is going to be restrictions on what I can download from the repositories so to move forward further I am  working on terminal skills to download from source so no waiting for someone else.  This could also help in the quest to gain control of my android devices, root and  custom ROMs may well give the freedom to get security updates faster than the unreliable normal sources.

Thanks to todays rain I have installed Kubuntu with plasma and the main issues have been Samba and email, acually, I forgot I had to get a special password from gmail to use thunderbird with it. Not keen on Kmail.

Wtach this space for a possible samba solution, I think I am close!



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