Inbox, An Improvement on the Gmail App

Even though the Inbox app from the makers of Gmail is still by invite only, I have been able to try it out over the past few weeks. Unfortunately my request to Google went unseen. However, I was able to get an invite from someone on G+. It has become one of my favourite new apps this year and far better than the main Gmail one as it only connects to gmail and not my other email accounts.

Currently I have it connected to my pebble to allow notifications although it currently has a major bug that doesn’t allow for deleting emails from the watch. For that I have relied on Awear although I may do away with this due to recent issues (wondering if it is still being developed). I am suspecting that this is so that the google software can scan all your emails to allow for targeted advertising as the delete option isn’t as it is with the gmail app. One way to prevent this may to save your emails on your own personal server and not within the online googlemail account. Something I will be looking into, I seem to have loads of saved emails but refer to very few and I personally don’t wantt to keep them online which may allow snooping.

In regards to app/pebble notifications I have turned off the gmail app notifications and turned on Inbox. This means that the latest version of the Pebble app can be put to use as it allows far more apps (all of the ones on my phone by the looks of it) to give android ware type notifications/connectivity. Thus, Inbox notifications go to the phone but gmail doesn’t. Alas, I can only dismiss the email but if Awear is working then I am able to delete it. The phone doesn’t get touched much when I can do this, which is the idea behind the use of smart watches like pebble.

Inbox is also on my tablet but isn’t used that much due to the effects of the slow loading.



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