Chromecast Has Been Cast Away

When I first got my hands on a chromecast I thought it was great. Easy to install, worked great. Then 2 weeks ago it all went wrong. I am not sure why but it just would not talk to my phone or tablet, wasn’t happy with the TV either. I had a white flashing light on the thing. I had been having connection issues with the wifi and it for about a week but didn’t think anything of it because my internet had been rubbish for a while (again).

Anyway. I tried to use it on the Saturday morning and nothing. This was followed by 6 to 7 hours of internet searches and trying different thing but nothing worked. The end result is that the thing went back to the shop and I got my money back! Actually, I didn’t get it back. It went towards a nice new toy called Roku. I will give it a couple more weeks before I write something about this.

After this experience I have come to the conclusion that Chromecast was released before certain problems had been fixed. Why do I think this? Simply because other people had been having trouble and with no hardware updates that I could see I was starting to think that Google had stopped caring about this device in favour of Google TV boxes.



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