Ello! Pebble Update Makes Inbox Unhappy!

This morning I awoke to find that there was a new update (Beta) for my pebble. When I checked what was new I saw that it allowed for custom responses which is a big improvement. This means that there is some over lap of features between the Pebble app and Awear although I still think that having both working at the same time is the best option. I installed it anyway has I like the latest in anything. At first I didn’t see much difference apart from the custom responses but then I found there was a problem. Notification from Inbox are no longer working (reported), there seems to be one or two other issues looking at G+ so I expect another update in the next day or so to fix these issues.

A little while later I had an email with an Ello invite, I have been waiting for this for a while and really pleased that it has come through. In case you don’t know, Ello is a social network with major difference to Facebook which appears to respect the privacy of the user and no ads. I don’t know how they expect to pay for the service but I have been told that they expect to offer additional features for an annual subscription. We will see but in the mean time I have accepted the invite and will try it out over the next few months. Looks promising!



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