Gamers Get Hit!

You may have noticed all the reports of Playstation and Xbox live games being hit over Christmas. I won’t go over it again because it has been reported to death. But the companies need to think not why? but how did they manage to cause the chaos?

Millions of people, both older and experienced users and new ones who got their new toys over Christmas were affected and are somewhat upset. Not me, I don’t game but I can see why, and the whole thing as highlighted something which needs attending to. Companies seem to be more interested in developing new stuff but they have sadly neglected something more important than anything and its security. The whole attack as highlighted this and someone is going to be in deep trouble. What both companies need to do is fix their security before all else other wise new start ups are going to get a mass influx of interest because the older companies are letting their users down.

All I can say is good that this as happened as it as highlighted something that needs fixing. Computer security needs fixing and NOW, forget all the other stuff… get this FIXED Sony, Microsoft and all you other big companies!



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