Pebble Gets Update With New Functions

Most nights sees me checking my phone for updates, largely so that I can do the updates at home on wifi (and no, I am still not doing the gmail update on my phone because I still think it totally sucks!).

When I checked last night I found a new Beta was available so downloaded it to try out the new features. The biggest of these was the ability to reply with simple emoji’s as well as other functions for dealing with emails. Text messages seem to just have reply and no other option which really isn’t much use although I suspect that this will change. Although this functionality is welcome it is somewhat limited compared to Awear with its pre done replies (still a limitation but is still useful). The functions that are bow available are dismiss (as before), and then there are more. Now delete has been added (always be careful with this one!), reply with emoji’s only. These replies are OK but I am really not keen on them. I prefer the written word! I am sure there are other functions and stuff but I haven’t found these yet.

Yet, despite the limitations it is hoped that they can be further developed to allow the user to add there own pre-written replies that they use most often. Yet, despite the features added, the Pebble watch remains remains a watch and not a wrist computer (like all the more expensive ones). To be honest, I don’t see these new functions making it that awear becomes obsolete as awear still as so much more to offer (but only when it is able to reliably connect to google which is the main issue at the moment).

I was also recently pleasantly surprised to see pebbles appear in Currys when I stopped by for something else. It was hinted that accessories where also going to be stocked but we will have to wait and see. There was only one watch and display with all the other suspects as well and it was the one that had the most easily read screen!


Update: after some more use and getting used to the newer functions I have found that there are preset replies but these still are somewhat restrictive and to improve there needs to be some way add more personal ones that are more suited to the user.



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