Adding Podomatic Feeds in Beyondpod

A few weeks ago I wrote that podomatic had released an android app but you cann’t download your favourite podcasts to listen to off line, unfortunately you still cann’t. So once again I have decide to add the feeds to Beyondpod. I applied a very similar method for Spreaker podcasts. If you want to have the feed on more than one device then you will need to do this on each one as they don’t sync across devices.

Open the app on your phone or tablet, go to Subscribe to feed. Then go to subscribe to this feed one the website page and click on the RSS feed link.

In the web address bar at top you will see (for example)

Click on the small world and you should see the same thing but with http//: in front, you need to put this in the feed address in the application.

In another example, I found that there was just a web address at the top of the page. In this case, you again click on the little world and a box should appear. In this case you need to click on feeds and the address you want should be shown.



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