Why Isn’t Google Calender Syncing Across Devices?

Off and on for a while I have been wondering why my tablet hasn’t been syncing with the phone calender, after all, they are both connected to google calender right? I did a quick internet search and there are others having the same issue and you always get the answer “go here, google has the solution as they give instructions”. Well they are wrong in some cases!

After tonight’s investigation as to why the calender on my phone is not showing the same things on my Nexus 7 and when I checked in my browser with the account used for both devices. I found that the events that I have been putting into my phone religiously so I don’t miss anything were not showing on either. Since getting the phone I thought that I was using google calender, I was wrong. Has it turned out I was using the phone calender which doesn’t get backed up to my google account so what I was adding was only staying on the phone. Yes, the calender was set to show google calender events for the account in question but as I found out, I wasn’t actually using it. It is highly likely why nothing showed in Sunrise calender. I only found that I had this situation because I was checking the version number of the app was the same as what was showing on the web page. The only way I could do this was by going to play store and searching for google calender. This was because of very few setting options in the opened app. What I found was that the google app it self was shown as not being installed.

The end solution was to redo my calender by adding events via the browser, installing the proper google calender to check that it was syncing properly. The result was yes, it worked and now I have my stuff available on all of my devices. The other result was that I decided that the google calender was really boring and plain and reinstalled sunrise calender which is somewhat more attractive.



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