Spring Clean That Phone

I take it that most people who read this own a smart phone and I suspect that many just add stuff  such as apps and themes, etc and don’t bother or even think to have the occasional clear out or tidy up. Personally I have only had android so that is what I only write about.Its the system I prefer because its supposed to be open source but I have my doubts sometimes. I find the idea that I can customise it to how I want in feel and look. I am currently very happy with its looks (Aviate to thank for this). But the app situation was just plain stupid, not only in number but what I had, for some reason I had 2 or in some cases more that do the same thing. The aim of my weekend project was functionality while keeping apps to a minimum. My current aim is to only have apps that make my life easier.

The first part of this project was to decide the functions that I actually wanted. Then, then which apps to carry out those functions or tasks including those that allow me to integrate with things such as chromecast and watch. The second bit was simple, delete any data such as in the browser (in my case firefox). Next, was to go through and disable apps I don’t use but cann’t delete until I get around to rooting the phone (chrome browser, g+, and others for example).

Now the good bit, App removal. At this point I need to point out that even though the apps will no longer be on the phone they are still available in the account back up app locker so if you find that you cann’t be without or want them back you can still reinstall them later if you decide you want. If its an app that you paid for then you will not be charged again if you reinstall them because they are held on record as having been paid for.Its no good just deleting an app for the hell of it but if you don’t use it any more or found a better one that has the functionality and customization that you wanted, then it goes, you have to be strict with yourself. I found that there were a number of duplicates such as 3 car home screens and 2 of these went. However, I soon removed the last one when I realised I didn’t use that one much either, I prefer to go straight to the app that I want to use. Once I had finished I had what I wanted, a decent set of apps that I can find and use easier.If you use Aviate then you have the collections, these basically keep certain type such as travel or now watch. The past week as seen an up date which allows you to have custom collections, first thing I did was add one for my watch apps. While I was at it I added a couple of others such as Costa coffee which replaces the card, hopefully (one less thing to carry). I don’t have or intend to add bank or paypal until I am confident with the security but there again, I don’t have need to have them. Occasionally I find the need to go through and clear data for certain apps to stop the phones memory getting full of junk, etc. Last but not least, install a file manger which allows any folders made and used by apps to be deleted.



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