App of the Month- Awear (pebble app).

I started this about a month ago but put on hold until now. The previous post may have given hints as to why but it basically boiled down to two things. The first, which affected nearly all my pebble apps, was a communication issue with the pebble/pebble app which mostly those running android 4.2.2. yes, I know its been updated since but now updates have come through for my phone and to be honest I don’t want them because I want the permissions to be available which have gone with recent update (so much for user control, Google we want this back !!! I am currently considering my next phone which I hope to install a custom ROM on.

The second problem lay with Awear itself, as hinted at before, there was a problem with the Gmail side of things but thankfully it is now back and fixed. Now bare in mind that this app is still in Beta so it may not be perfect but it works and is very useful. I regard it as the next step up from Glance which I still use occasionally because it still as features that I like. The app requires a phone companion app which is no problem because it helps with the settings.

The settings are nice and simple but its one of those things that you need to check carefully. I missed the bit in the email settings that said about what email alerts you require. I found on double checking that you can select all or set it to curtain tags. Mine was on tags and nothing was selected! Which was why no email alerts came through when everything else worked. Its now set right and I get to delete boring emails or ones that I can read on my wrist with out taking the phone out.

The app also allows you to reply to texts but only with preset ones. OK if its texts that you can repeat or simple answers but otherwise its out with the phone. This is fine but if you want to send a simple text that is not a reply to a alert text then you are stuck ( one thing that glance did allow). I am currently testing a different app which may cover texting from the watch.

The app has a web site

And forums can be found here

This has become my mainly used pebble app and gives me what I expect out of a smart watch. Personnally I see the pebble competing favourably against the google OS watches for several reasons, cost, battery charge time and most of all, you can see the screen in daylight!





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