Update the TV…

Since I heard about the Googles Chromecast I have been sort off interested in it. Then when I had my run in with Amazon who cann’t be bothered (read to lazy) to update their lovefilm app for my 18 month old TV (they claimed over 2 years, so they are dumb sxxts) and finding out that Samsung are also too lazy to keep their customers happy by keeping their products updated, my interest increased. I saw it has a way to update my TV. I also found out while I was going through google shop thingy to see what TV shows and films they had that I like that netflix don’t have but Sky does. I don’t have Sky (its over over priced for what it is) and Netflix seems to be reducing the good stuff these days (no Castle after season 2 and no CSI/NCIS).

So at the beginning of the month I went out to visit my local, friendly neighbourhood Curries digital and got my grubby hands on one. While I was at it I also got some google credit (I really wanted to see Falling Skies). Once I got it home it was really easy to set up. I also found added benefits as I searched through the apps. I found Netflix easier when controlled through my Nexus for a start, much quicker to go through whats available and loading is quicker too. I also found Allcast which I put on my phone so I can see my pictures on my TV.

I’ve barely scratched the surface what this thing does but I feel that it has updated my TV as planned. Controlling the TV through my nexus 7 is easier than the old fashioned TV remote. But One thing that is missing is Spotify, people have complained about this but I really don’t care because when I am at home I’m playing vinyl these days.



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