A Week of Frustration

Actually various things have been frustrating me the past couple of weeks. As much as I try and solve the problems, nothing works. The normal check of the forums and any where else has failed, others have tried what I have tried and no solution has been found. I am tempted to go back and restart but will likely get the same results.

Most of it started with an upgrade to the pebble app but the problem emerged in the previous release and nothing seems to be fixed. It appears to be a bluetooth connection issue in android 4.2.2 which the pebble people have admitted to and are working on but its made several of my favourite apps unreliable. On top of this one of my favourite apps which shows one hell of a lot of promise, Awear, has been seriously screwed up since a recent update which included G+ notifications, my understanding is that some rewriting had also been undertaken on the Gmail stuff. Sorry guys but I think you should have sorted the Gmail stuff first and then sorted the G+ stuff out later. I have tried a number of solutions to all this including reinstalling the app, etc and while it worked OK for the about an hour or so it then went back to how it was before. So to try and fix the pebble issue (last ditch), I can see the app on the phone getting the uninstall reinstall treatment and the watch getting factory reset (again) just to try and get the functionality back.

I’ve also had the frustration of updating apps on the phone and they haven’t been right either. Take podomatic for example, every time an update comes through it becomes useless. The last two times it doesn’t show my stuff such as alerts, notices or the shows that I follow. So once again I will have to install and start again. I also have a feeling I’m going to have to redo musicboss, it doesn’t work with Spotify like it did before the latest update. I have a sneaking suspicion that its gone back to default settings ( listen dev people of all apps and other forms of software, this really annoys the users of your releases when they see their settings set back to default).

Right, enough…

I’m going to head over to do my Linux foundation course and then get  try to fix the problems out.



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