Off To Oggcamp We Go!

A couple of weeks ago while I was standing in a field somewhat bored I got to wonder if Oggcamp would be on this year and where. Just by chance a post on Google+ appeared that very day (spooky or what) so I got over to their website and checked the location first to see what travel was involved…Oxford, great. Its just over an hour away and I know exactly where The Oxford Hotel is (not far from my office actually). So I got my ticket, I will of course be buying event goodies to help towards their costs as I had to just get a ticket at the time with no donation as I was somewhat skint at the time.

Oggcamp14 is an unconference which means that there is no defined schedule before but people can turn up and add their own but there are also one or two key note talks as well. There are also displays and demonstrations and other things going on to help give you ideas or information that can help in your own projects.

Why am I going?

I need some ideas and information to advance my current projects and other stuff to motivate me.



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