Podomatic Not Catching!

Along time ago I gave up radio in the car, simply because it was and still is rubbish, I cann’t stand the so called tunes and the constant football talk (I don’t do football/soccer). My in car listening is now largely provided by the heros known as podcasters. I can listen to music I love, get music news and also occasionally liunx/tech stuff. I have largely been using Beyondpod which I cann’t fault so I can highly recommend.

Referring back a few months I did a piece on setting up podomatic links with Beyondpod so that the episodes can be downloaded automatically. since then I have occasionally checked the website out for new goodies and I found that a few weeks ago they had released an android app so I thought that I would give it ago. So, I installed it on my tablet and it worked fine, great me thinks so it gets installed on my phone. Straight away its a case of Oh dear, fail, it didn’t show the shows that I was following at the time on both devices. It may be different but it was a new release for Android so theres bound to be trouble (not for Crapple though, that’s been out for a while so likely to have been perfected).  I was away for a couple of weeks so couldn’t do anything to try and find a solution, in the mean time an update came out. Even more trouble. Nothing on both devices showed up when the app was opened, I emailed Podomatic but no reply, translation hint…they don’t care unless you pay! Not even to let them know of the problem with the app. Looking at the app page on the play store others have had the same thing and have got some form of response.

However, I came back to the problem this morning and down graded the score and review on the app store (might get their attention). I also reinstalled the app on my phone and tablet I can now see the podcasts liston both or the complaint about cross device is now not vaild. Unfortunately I cann’t download the podcasts to listen to them in the car as phone data signal in the UK rubbish. I did read a response on the app page saying that the next version should have the download option. Its a shame in this day and age that I have reinstall an app just to get it working again but I see this quite often and it needs to be fixed. An update shouldn’t really cause for a reinstall to take place to get the application to work again. Hopefully the next version should have the download function and not require re-installation for it to work.



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