Aviate Released into the Wild

This past week saw the release of Aviate to the general public meaning that invites are no longer required. Much cause for celebration. All was not well when I first upgraded when the latest version appeared, apps weren’t sorted correctly, in fact it was total chaos in App city. A quick check of My apps in google play and the update was still there so I redid it and hey presto, all was fine (I was close to installing and using Themer which in my opinion is nearly has good). Aviate has a few new features and a new look but still has one or two things missing which I will come to later.

The latest version takes some beating once installed, you can get the link from here:- http://aviate.yahoo.com/

A new feature which I really like is the favourite contacts feature, a simple swipe up from the bottom of the screen and your best friend and family are there (just make sure that aviate as access to contacts in the settings and then wonder why it ain’t working). Much easier than going to contacts and going from there. There are other one or two new screens which help make things simple and easy to get at, not like the normal android screen which is messy with no order of app icons and widgets. Widgets can be added to the home screen or a nice piccie of things important to you like kids or other half. I also like the way that the various pages or screens are set out and that you have a ‘Today’ Space, much better than either ‘Home’ or ‘Work’ which can be confusing when your not at either and the app as to decide where you are to give you what you need!

What is missing though is a collection for your watch or other wearable apps, everything else is covered but not watches. It would make things easier to have this than go through to app city as I call it.


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